Vermont’s NPR News Source recently explored the recent rise in popularity of board games, and the reasons behind the trend.  We already know that board games beat video games in terms of Kickstarter fundraising, but this broadcast explores why these new board games are different from the classics.

Engelskirchen Andrew Liptak, cofounder of Geek Mountain State, explains that we are seeing a lot of high quality games coming in from Europe that involve a lot more strategy.  The players are also active throughout the entire game as opposed to being eliminated one-by-one.  This makes the games more appealing to groups of people who want to remain active in the game, and who want their chance of winning to be based more on their intellect and less on luck.

At Twizmo, we’d suggest tak-tak and Emoji Wars for those groups that want to remain active in their strategy games.

To listen to the full broadcast, click here.