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Quetiapine buy Twizmo had an amazing time at Gen Con this year.  It was great to see so many people come out and support new board games!  But, as The Republic states, “what happens when Gen Con closes shop? That’s where retired Navy SEAL Shane Priddy and his new store, Family Time Games, come in.”  Family Time Games is a game store in Indiana that boasts 7,600 square feet, which means enough space for retail as well as multiple tables to test games out on.  Priddy emphasizes that people are encouraged to come and learn to play the games for free.  While he hopes that customers will buy games they like from him, they don’t have to pay to play.

We love seeing features of local game stores because we’ve seen incredible support from so many!  You can find our games at Toys For Thought and Stork & Bear Co., as well as many others.

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