A New Twist on an Old Favorite! 

Twizmo Cards is all about creating poker-style hands using a combination of the “cards” on the cube and the cards from the deck.  This combination of the 2 sets creates a new card playing dynamic that allows for a come from behind win.  It’s poker in 3 dimensions!  Invent  variations of your favorite games with this new paradigm that allows for endless possibilities.



It’s Your Turn

In each round players compete to create their best hand using the 3 cards they have been dealt from the deck and any 3 “cards” on the top face of the cube.  Cards used on the cube must be 3 in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.


Place Your Bets

Players now use the cards they’ve been dealt as betting chips.  The player with the best hand collects all the cards that have been bet for that round.  Careful which cards you bet and how many lest they fall into the wrong hands!


Play for the Win!

When all the cards from the deck have been dealt and won, players use the cards they’ve collected to create one final hand for the win.  It’s entirely possible to come from behind to take it all!

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