A Wonderful World of Words

Twizmo! Words is a highly-competitive, intellectually challenging game for adult wordsmiths and competition junkies. But its simple letter grids and graphic cards lend themselves well to slower, more family-oriented play, during which children can learn spelling and creative problem-solving. Twizmo! Words has a home in the classroom as well as the game room.



The Basics

Twizmo Words is all about ­finding and building words using the letters on the top of Twizmo Word Cube and the letters on the cards. Letters on the cube can be used in any order, and as many or as few times as desired. A player is not required to use all the letters on the cube, but their word must include the letter on the card for that turn. To win, players collect the letter cards during their turns to score the most points.


Think Fast!

Each turn starts with the flip of a letter card. The letter on the card must be used—together with any letters on the top face of the cube. There is always a designated “Player” who must guess a word of at least four letters. However, if any opponent can shout out a SEVEN letter word before Player has called a word, that opponent can take the card as his own.


Game Changers

Twizmo Words contains twelve “Game Changer” cards, dealt evenly to players before each game. These cards provide players with an arsenal of “secret weapons”, which they can use to surprise their opponents at just the right time.


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