Super Size Me


Can you believe it?! Life-size versions of board games like Candyland and Connect Four were created in Chula Vista, CA this week, and will be available to play for free this coming Tuesday.  While [...]

Support Your Local Game Store!



Twizmo had an amazing time at Gen Con this year.  It was great to see so many people come out and support new board games!  But, as The Republic states, “what happens when Gen Con closes shop? That’s where retired [...]

Chicago’s Potential Board Game Cafe


We are already anticipating the opening of D20, the board game bar in Ohio, and now we’ve caught wind of another board game venture in the [...]

The Golden Age of Board Games

Vermont’s NPR News Source recently explored the recent rise in popularity of board games, and the reasons behind the trend.  We already know that board games beat video games in terms of Kickstarter fundraising, but this broadcast explores why these new board games are different from the classics.

Andrew Liptak, cofounder [...]

Board Game Bar Opening in Kettering, Ohio!


This just in: a new bar in Kettering, Ohio will forgo the traditional TVs that inhabit most pubs and bars, and feature board games instead. [...]

Wil Wheaton On Gaming


In an article on, Wil Wheaton (known mostly for his roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Stand By Me, and The Big Bang Theory) discussed GenCon, and why gaming [...]

Board Game Vs. Video Game Kickstarters

According to an article on, “board game Kickstarters have raised 6 times more money than video games this year,” and being that Twizmo used Kickstarter to get the word out about tak-tak, we couldn’t be more excited about this news!  We love hearing that people are [...]

Emoji Wars Teaser Trailer

8 Ways to Plan a Board Game Night (For Adults)

Age Discrimination

Subject: Age Discrimination

We recently received this email from a distraught tak-tak fan:

I couldn’t help but notice that you’re game is discriminatory to those above 108 years old. As a college educated male with much of his life ahead of him, i hope to enjoy [...]